• Product Management

    Product Management

    Simple&Done product management focuses on applying Lean methodologies. Creating a Build, Measure, Learn feedback loop. Creating minimum viable products (MVPs) that focus on learning, eliminating risk, and providing value to customers. We use tools like Figma for rapid prototyping, for exploration of use cases, and the Lean canvas to capture the ecosystem surrounding products…

  • Design & Development

    Design & Development

    Simple&Done joined HeatCheckGroup with the software design and implementation of their first product –, including the iOS and Android mobile applications. For this project we used a combination of Python, Django, Heroku, PostgreSQL, progressive web applications, BubbleWrap, and more.

  • Welcome to the world.

    Welcome to the world.

    Simple&Done is live. You’ve come to the right place if you need help with product discovery, road mapping, user experience, software engineering, or software engineering leadership. We’ll work with you to discover the proper next steps for your product and customize a plan to get your product simple and done. Get in touch if you’re…

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